Monday, January 23, 2017

America Last: The Law Of Unintended Circus Clowns At Work

Forrest Trump is going to renegotiate Globalization...because today's robber barons haven't the slightest clue that their wealth is solely a mirage predicated upon mass exploitation...

The dollar is getting shellacked against every other currency on the planet...Everything Trump has said and done to date has amplified global risk, and it's all flowing back to the U.S. like a tsunami...

U.S. bonds versus stocks. "Rebalance risk"

The dollar is following Treasury yields lower, which ironically are following imported deflation lower. Trump monkey hammered EM currencies and they repaid the favour via cheaper exports to the U.S. Mexico is 30% more "competitive" now than prior to the election.

U.S. CPI (red) with EM currency:

CPI being a lagging indicator of course...

USDJPY with Treasury yields:

USD (red) with Financials

Dollar breakout was a fakeout.

Global hot money has to go home now. Overnight...

You know, back to Japan

And Europe:

And it's all somewhat of a crowded historically unprecedented leveraged trade

U.S. 10 year Treasury speculative short futures positions: