Sunday, December 11, 2016

Generation Casino: Their Turn To Go Under The Bus

This isn't 1999, this is 1929...

I just read an article, written by Generation Casino, saying that it's looking a lot like 1999. Sure, the stock market is, however the economy looks NOTHING like 1999. But of course to this corrupt generation, the economy means literally NOTHING. And therefore it's been strip-mined every year since 1999 to the benefit of the casino. In other words stocks are blowing off like 1999 into an already waiting depressionary economy...

First off, below, corporate profits relative to GDP tell the tale of an economy that's been systematically strip-mined by Baby Boomers seeking to retire at the expense of all future generations:

"We don't believe in Socialism - Only bailouts and printing money to buy stocks, our secret to effortless wealth. And fuck Obamacare, we have Medicare..."

Household wealth and income are well below 1999. Capacity utilization, labor participation, and interest rates are at recession levels. U.S. Federal debt at all time highs. And then of course at the global level, the rest of the world is imploding. Otherwise it's the same.

Here is where it gets interesting...

Microsoft then and now...

Conning more tools into the casino for maximum impact...

Priceline. Top performing S&P stock since 2008:

Top performing small cap stock

Ultra Salon

Honourable mention

At one point this Biotech was one of the one-year top performing stocks of all time. Not anymore...

Asset manager, Ben Franklin

Top performing casino stocks



Real casinos

Schwab with IPOs

"Top performing" IPO of 2016