Sunday, December 11, 2016

I, Clownius: Globalization Will Collapse Like A Cheap Tent

Belief in the status quo, is belief in NOTHING...

The damage is done. The foundation is gone. This is when the exceptional thought dealers will say what they should have admitted in 2008: "I never realized I'm a total fucking moron"...

What do they expect us to believe in at this asinine juncture?

Jobless consumers 

Intra-generational theft on unprecedented scale

Keynesian bombing of foreigners

Mass outsourcing and mass immigration, for fun and profit

Trading worthless pieces of paper back and forth in a zero sum game

Competitive advantage in Cappuccino making 

Energy policy by Exxon

Environmental policy by the Koch Brothers

Treasury by Goldman Sachs

These people believe NOTHING, other than their own self-interest. 

They're as hollow as their values. They're human Twinkies. 

The Idiocratic hierarchy of needs: