Monday, December 19, 2016


"The sequel to The Big Short, The Big Long is the scintillating saga of how a society of hardcore corrupt dunces got swindled by the exact same trusted psychopaths twice in a row the exact same way, while watching a movie about the first time. It's like Fast And Furious 20, it has the same plot and same clowns as the first one. And yet they're always surprised by the ending. In theaters soon near you"

"Because...getting in was easy..."

"three of the top 10 months for ETF flows in the past decade occurred in 2008, including March and December of that train wreck of a year."

Dec. 19, 2016

“The inflow since Election Day is equal to one and a half times the inflow of $61.5 billion in all of last year."

And the winner of the lead role in The Big Long, is the same company that won the lead role in the The Big Short. Go figure...

Log Periodic Bubble visualized:

"Microsoft is second to Goldman Sachs in terms of post-Brexit gains. Goldman is up a staggering 75% since June 27 and Microsoft is up 29% since that date."