Thursday, December 22, 2016

"It Was All Going So Well..."

"For me I mean. Fuck everyone else..."

Forrest Trump just started a trade war and an arms race on the same day, yet he still had time to coif his hair and grab some pussy...Scapegoating other countries is the overwhelming preoccupation of all demagogues.

China needs no help going into de facto meltdown mode, but Forrest Trump feels obligated to kick them in the face on the way down...

We are witnessing ignorance and arrogance on an epic scale. Eight years of Obama's relentless peddled fiction is now being topped off with Trump's over the top megalomania on a scale only Stanley Kubrick could appreciate. The headlines are more fucked up than any blogger could possibly invent...

This is from Trump's new-as-of-yesterday, economic advisor:

Because we know we'll "win", since we're the good guys and they're the bad guys. It's government by 5 year-olds. Speaking of which, this is how Trump's newly appointed Trade Tsar sees China:

Right, because we know that U.S. multinationals didn't want to move factories to China, they were forced to move and thereby increase profit margins 10x. Sure. 

The Fed hammered Emerging Markets last week. Trump has hammered Emerging Markets since being elected. And the narrative of the day is "what else can we do to punish China for amplifying our corporate profits?"

It's mass arrogance on an epic scale. EMs and China need no additional help from Trump & Co. to implode and take everyone else down with them:

Here is EM stocks (red) with the average S&P stock in gray:

Bueller? Bueller?

Meanwhile, Trump and the Fed also inadvertently hammered the U.S. housing market aka. middle class:

Which is all a rise in real interest rates, hence deflationary, because we know there's no real wage inflation taking place right now. 

Further to that point, retail stocks got hammered today, because zombies are buying too many Dow shares and not enough cheap junk:

"We've never seen this movie before..."

Kohl's department stores:

"We've never seen this either"


After hours he also monkey hammered Lockheed Martin:

This is today's close:

The Santa Rally is hanging by a wafer thin Dow 20,000 proved once again elusive...