Monday, December 5, 2016


Another record high following another Anti-Globalization event bought with both hands. Shocker...

The Brexit rally lasted four months, and the Trump rally lasted four weeks, so this rally could last four days, plus or minus.

Here is why. The ECB meets on Thursday this week:

In other words, European stocks are leading, and every ECB meeting in the past two years has marked a top in stocks...

European stocks
Last December (3rd) ECB meeting is circled:

In $USD:

In other words, this week, very likely global/European stocks will peak. Financials will peak. Oil will peak. The dollar rollover will continue. Growth and yield will resume their declines. 

All ahead of next week's Fed meeting. With four weeks to go in the year...


U.S. Oil ETF (red) with Energy stocks (black):


Very exciting
This chart reminds me of an old man who can't get it up. Because that's what this society is...

"I just grab 'em by the pussy"