Sunday, December 4, 2016

Artificial Intelligence Has Taken Over

Stephen Hawking warned about AI this week and said that the world had entered its most dangerous phase ever. I totally agree, however, machine-based Artificial Intelligence is not the problem, human-based Artificial Intelligence is the real problem...

Yet another proxy vote against Globalization. Via the Italian referendum:

Futures are down currently in the early pre-market, because there was "only" a 60% probability of a "No" vote as of Friday. Although the night is young and every other overnight selloff has been bought. 

Therefore, I've come to realize that I've been wrong in my belief that the machines were the enemy of the humans. Quite the contrary, the humans are their own biggest problem. Machines were trying to save the humans from themselves. Such fools... 

Why, because as we've seen three times so far, the disintegration of Globalization was SOLD by the machines and BOUGHT by the humans.

Conversation with typical financial advisor:
"I need to know, is Globalization collapsing, a buying opportunity?"

"Of course it is"

As we see from the USDJPY above, the machines sold in the off hours, humans bought every dip...

China currency meltdown:
Machines: Limit Down
Humans: Definite buying opportunity

Machines: EU disintegration. Limit Down
Humans: EU disintegration. Load up

Machines: Clown for President? Limit Down
Humans: Our saviour has arrived. Buy

Italian Referendum with global banking repercussions
Machines: Sell
Humans: Load up on Financials ahead of time

To get in early on global collapse.