Thursday, December 1, 2016

Betting It All On OPEC aka. Panic Collapse On Deck

When they finally learn they can't trust serial psychopaths, the underwear will be permanently stained...

Speaking of which:

Nasdaq 100 / Dow Ratio:

This stagnant Idiocracy of human twinkies is "exceptional" only in the sense that it's constantly lowering the bar for itself and then stepping over it to claim "victory". It's a society handing out soccer trophies to eveyone just for fogging a mirror. 

Is this really a reason to go ALL IN at the end of the cycle? You have to be fucking kidding me:

Oil keeps ripping post OPEC solely due to short covering...

That's the good news, plus small banks going ever more vertical. Here's another look at the Oil ETF:

Here's the bad news...

Nasdaq 100 with relative strength

Internet stocks

Treasuries with Yield (red) and VIX (gray). What could go wrong?