Friday, December 16, 2016

DENIALISM 2016: The Farce Be With You 2.0

The Idiocracy can't remember the plot from one year to the next, so it's always the same ending, plus or minus the magnitude of explosion...All-knowing denialistic dunces are about to get buried - two weeks ahead of last year's schedule...

Deja Vu of last year, Police Squad in conjunction with the Forrest Trump 1950s rally have monkey hammered:

EM Stocks / Currencies / Debt
Global Bonds
Municipal Bonds
High Yield stocks
Growth stocks

And, the entire rest of the world with % of S&P above 200 dma (gray):

In other words, this is the sequel to the 2015 farce, which ended in controlled implosion. This one promises to be much more spectacular, since it features a globally synchronized interest rate hike at the end of the cycle.

The corporate zombies finally elected a demagogue batshit crazy enough to bring down the entire Roman circus onto a surprised and infotained Idiocracy...

% of S&P above 200 dma:

On Balance Volume with % S&P 200 dma:

Emerging markets with % of S&P above 200 dma:

Municipal bonds (weekly):

It's all about the cost of money...

Police Squad and Forrest Trump just tightened the entire world...

"Thanks, that's just what we need in a housing bubble"

"We're going to make coal profitable again!!!"

No, you're not you fucking mega buffoon...

But you will bury denialist speculators again. 

"Aw fuck, not this again!!!"

Rydex Bearishly positioned Asset Level

Some of us remember what happens when they infiltrate the Death Star...only because it's the same plot in every fucking movie. Because the Idiocracy can't remember from one year to the next what happens at the end. 

Much less eight years apart...