Monday, October 10, 2016

QE Whores Versus Stampede

An Idiocracy is a society that can be conned over and over again with the same bullshit spewed by the same con artists...

Active Management has been systematically obliterated by Central Banks:

So, what to do?

ZH: Oct. 10, 2016
BTFD! The Only Strategy That Matters

Global GDP (red) versus S&P 500 and Combined Central Bank Assets (green). 2016 GDP estimate is the one released by the WTO in September


Speaking of con artists, today's short-covering rally is compliments of Russia pretending they will join the still-to-be-negotiated OPEC freeze should it ever possibly transpire...

They said the exact same thing back in January...

"So much for that agreement to freeze output.
The latest oil market data reveal that both Russia and Saudi Arabia ramped up their oil production in February, despite talks about supply caps."

Saudi stocks need all the lies they can get...

Russian stocks with Brent crude

Natural Gas