Monday, October 10, 2016

Fake Choice 2016: Now Versus Later.

If your four year old acted like Trump you would rebuke him for petulant behaviour. Trump's common rejoinders sound like he's still in Kindergarten - "No I don't", "Yes you do". WTF? What Trump represents to his supporters is solely the illusion that he will fix the status quo. And he surely can, merely by getting elected, but only for reasons that no actual voter wants to see come to pass. Nevertheless, Trump has already done the world a colossal  favour - he has officially imploded the RepubliCon party of continuous warfare, mass immigration, and *free trade*. He single handedly imploded the NeoCon "Pax Americana" nightmare that has been driving GOP politics for decades. And sent them scurrying to the Clinton house of straw to take refuge.   

For her part, Hillary Clinton is the most qualified and well-informed candidate in decades. She slices and dices the facts and serves them up in a way that makes the status quo actually seem palatable. In other words, Clinton represents the overwhelming mainstream delusion that nothing is wrong with the status quo and therefore it can continue forever. Clinton is internet stocks at cycle highs on maximum margin. She is a fantasy snake charmer.

Neither of these candidates has the veracity to admit that the U.S. has sold its soul to Saudi Arabia and that Syria is a proxy war between Saudi and Iran. Nor will they admit that Iran is merely a bone thrown by Israel for America to fetch. That revelation is beyond what the brainwashed-to-believe-otherwise minds can handle. 

What they both have in common is a different way of pretending that the S.S. Status Quo is not already at the bottom - it's still at or near the surface in need of course correction. Trump will renegotiate four decades worth of trade deals and force China and Japan to buy U.S. goods, all while implementing the first GOP-led universal healthcare plan in history. Sure. He took a good swipe at Canadian single payer healthcare, so I will leave to the logic impaired to discover what happens to employer-based healthcare during corporate collapse.

Whereas, a vote for Hillary is a leveraged bet on an eight year 0% recovery.

In other words, Trump is "sooner", and Hillary is "later".  

Either way, eight years of leverage at 0% will decide.