Thursday, July 14, 2016

From Lying Game, To Crying Game

Keeping rates at 0% for seven years was always going to lead to stoned gamblers going into manic melt-up mode at the riskiest point in time. They have no clue where we are in the risk cycle...

Nasdaq / Consumer Staples ratio measures risk tolerance. In both cycles, risk seeking peaked with the market (circled)...

S&P gamblers didn't get the memo this time...because we all know that 0% is not an option, but a third -60% drawdown in 15 years, is not a problem...

Dollar Tree
"We're ultra-bullish on ultra-poverty"

"We've downgraded Walmart to imminent recession"

Macy's is at "Strong Apocalypse", which is one notch above "Sell"

"Go long arrogance and ignorance. It got you this far..."