Thursday, July 14, 2016

It's The Roller Coaster Ride of Serial Conned Idiots

I'm getting off the ride this time. I would rather bet against the dunces, than with them. It's the passage of time that makes people think that this bubble will be different than every other one in human history that didn't go on forever...

New S&P and Dow highs, unconfirmed by Tech, Financials, Energy, Transports, Small Caps, Retail, Materials, Resources, Autos, Healthcare, Pharma, Construction, Homebuilders.

And the entire rest of the world...

But, who cares?

Seven years of CNBS later...
"I never knew I'm as dumb as a fucking post!!!"

Rest of World

52 week range of average S&P stock:

Average U.S. stock:




Staples aka. Leadership...

New highs