Thursday, July 7, 2016


The gap between reality and fantasy has never been wider, and yet we can safely assume that the fewest number of people will see this coming...

"Printing money was their secret to effortless wealth. They couldn't figure out why no one else had tried it sooner..."

We’ve just seen a “melt up into what could only be described as ‘the very worst news flow’ possible” 

Ponzi schemes are massive momentum circle jerks wherein people blow smoke up each others' asses non-stop while throwing their money away. Until it all implodes with extreme dislocation. The scheme collapses when the marginal fool tries to take their money out, only to find out there is no money...

World ex-U.S. versus S&P:

World with inverted S&P volatility:

Inverse volatility with Price/volume (S&P) aka. "Distribution" (selling by institutions):

Price / volume (200 dma) with Transports:

Cash balances (inverted) aka. ALL IN:

US Ten Year (Economy), Baltic Dry Index (Trade), Sears (Retail), Deutsche Bank (Financials), Credit spreads:

Versus Amazon, what else:

Post-Brexit risk:

S&P Earnings Yield
"Price is what you pay, collapsing profits is what you get"

World with Global GDP: