Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Economics Collapse

What we are witnessing in real-time is the complete and utter collapse of modern day Economics, attended by Ponzi borrowing, money printing, and non-stop Circle-Jerk-o-Nomics amid late stage collapse...

In other words, we are surrounded by buffoons and circus clowns on a scale that would make Barnum & Bailey appear serious.

The dunced hypothesis of the day is that corporations will soon no longer need humans. When it's the exact opposite - humans will no longer need or want corporations. Which is good, because corporations are laying off their own customer base and setting themselves up to go out of business on a 1930s scale.

In all of its preoccupation with Ponzi borrowing, negative interest rates, printing money to buy stocks, what modern day PonziNomics has completely forgotten is the concept of value creation. Say's Law, that supply creates demand. The idea that an economy consists of two parties trading something of equal value. Not one party creating something of value and lending money to the other party to buy it. That's "Globalization". The biggest vendor-take-back financing scheme in human history. 

The cost of which is: $Everything.

When the smoke clears and the dust settles. Human beings will do all of the things that megacorporations do now. Once mega-corps no longer have direct access to Third World Labour, their ability to arbitrage the economy for special dividends will end. In addition, 0% poverty capital funding of automation will end as well. Solely a side effect of the now chasmic global output gap. 

In the meantime, like Labour, Global capital is locked in a zero sum game of ever-decreasing marginal return. The wealth is all fake, sustained solely by the marginal fool throwing their last nickels at the casino to bid up worthless "assets". 

Going out of business visualized: