Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Fake Wealth Effect Is Wearing Off

Coordinated Central Bank attempts to reverse engineer Social Mood have apparently failed to reach knife attackers, mass shooters, Trump supporters, Bernie supporters, and jobless consumers. Worse yet, despite RECORD MONTHLY Central Bank QE, global risk assets ex-S&P 500 are failing to take notice...

ZH: July 26, 2016
"The European Central Bank and Bank of Japan are buying around $180 billion of assets a month, according to Deutsche Bank, a larger global total than at any point since 2009, even when the Federal Reserve's QE programme was in full flow."

Europe and Japan with Combined Fed, BOJ, ECB balance sheet (red):    

World stocks ex-U.S., Junk Bonds, Oil, Global Financials, Global GDP:

Central Banks are not the only ones who are ALL IN:

The country with the least QE flow currently (none) has the strongest market, because that's where the money is flowing...

S&P 500 with Cash Balances...