Wednesday, July 27, 2016


It's called "No liquidity..."

Central Banks ALL IN
Stoned Gamblers ALL IN
Short-covering ahead of CB circle jerks
JPY "rally"
Yuan "rally"
Mega Divergences
Stock buybacks suspended
Yield rolling over

BOJ jawboning sponsored this past two weeks' of global "RISK ON" rally...

What could go wrong?

Deja Vu of last month, shorts covered ahead of the Central Bank meetings taking place last week and this week. The Bank of Japan sponsored the July global RISK ON rally ahead of their meeting tomorrow evening (Friday Tokyo time). Expectations be high...

ZH: July 27, 2016
"And even more troubling is that the final stimulus plan may be far less than expected...If so, the USDJPY may plunge moments after the BOJ has no choice but to disappoint on Friday when it reveals its latest stimulus. It remains to be seen if US stocks will follow."

Short-covering visualized:

Gamblers ALL IN
Total call/put ratio:


The low volatility implosion fund

The Chinese Yuan is tracing out a familiar pattern
Rate of change:

Oil is getting monkey hammered on a daily basis now...

U.S. versus Rest of World
There are no buyers below this fabrication...