Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Smash Crash From All Time Highs aka. "Sumamabitch!!!"

Stoned zombies are being stoned zombies. What else? Collapse is what happens while you're making other plans...

The doors to the Hotel Californication are now officially closed and the sheeple are locked inside with a goodly portion of Wall Street...

The concept behind Elliott Wave (Social Mood) theory is that in the manic melt-up state (aka. last week) all issues are ignored. However, in the declining state, previously ignored issues cause panic. We've known about Brexit for months, but only now is it STARTING to become a problem...

Hotel Californication visualized

VVIX: Second derivative volatility
VVIX indicates the level of sensitivity that the VIX has to changes in underlying stock prices:

aka. "a lot" especially since the sell-off is just beginning, whereas these other spikes are all at the end...

This is an interesting chart I've never created before: the ratio of VVIX to VIX. 

VIX is catching up to second derivative volatility. Fast...

The noose is tightening with each passing day:

In other words, this is nothing. Yet...

Because there's no sign of panic. Yet:

"That's not selling, this is selling..."
The $TRIN (Trading index) indicates the current level of selling intensity aka. none:

No bid market visualized
Because the smart money already sold
ZH: June 14, 2016
Smart Money Selling Returns In Size

Price / volume

Someone always knows something, don't they?
Thirty Year Treasury: