Monday, May 2, 2016

We're All Socialists Now aka. Riot Control

2008 and the past 8 years was just socialism for the ultra-wealthy, this is socialism for everyone else...

My hypothesis has been that this all ends in mass rioting and anarchy. It appears that our stooge elitists have figured out the same thing...Nevertheless, I almost shit a brick when I saw this article on Bloomberg today...

"The notion that government should guarantee every citizen an annual stipend of, say, $10,000 -- no strings attached, no questions asked -- is being studied by politicians, economists and policy experts worldwide."

"In the social democracies of Europe, Canada and South America, experiments are planned or underway. In the U.S., it's still little more than a concept -- one that appears to have more conservative backers than liberal ones."

With no eligibility criteria or enforcement needed, administrative costs would be bare-bones. Waste, fraud and abuse would be greatly reduced, the argument goes, if not close to zero. "

Would they do it? We're about 10,000 Dow points +/- from finding out. They've already proven they will do literally ANYTHING to maintain their hegemony over this clusterfuck. After all, it's cheaper than rebuilding the country. But as Weimar Germany proves, it will only work for about 5 years as the output gap and deflationary state prevails, after which wheel barrows will be in short supply...and gold. 

Recall: Firearm background checks:

Helicopter money (for the masses) has a deflationary lag and then inflation takes off...