Monday, May 2, 2016

A Proven Idiocracy

Blogging now is like pounding sand up your own ass. There's something highly repetitive about describing proven idiots being idiots. The old age home doesn't want ANYTHING to change. If dinner changes from 4:30pm to 6pm, they go batshit. Old people are not sane, that's the benefit of being old, you don't see it coming. Younger people don't have any excuse other than fiddle fucking around with iPhones and Kardashians...

Look at ultra-billionaire Warren Buffett telling us that things have never been better. Who exactly is he speaking for anyway? Does he expect everyone to think the same way as a 90 year old billionaire? Now his protege is saying that money printing "was massively stupid", even though he himself was the primary beneficiary of it. He says we should have borrowed it instead. Who can argue with that logic? It turns out we did both anyways. I don't know what planet he lives on, but 225 years worth of debt was doubled under Obama. That's some "fiscal stimulus" right there.

This just in, is BEYOND FULL RETARD:
"0% for 50 years is the secret to unimagined wealth"

What am I supposed to say to something like this? We're fucking doomed. 

And look at the desperate chicanery going on in Japan, Europe and China as well, where those aging populations dominate the polls. Japan is poster child for a country that will do anything to maintain status quo and never change. It's a country with no future. 

Don't ascribe any intelligence or rationality where there is literally none to be found. This society is off the deep end, in the Twilight Zone...

And it will all end with a BIG FUCKING BANG, because not one of them sees it coming. They're too busy imagining unicorns and pixie fairies while going ALL IN on junk bonds.