Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Moment Of Truth Is Revelation

This will be the sharpest, fastest, most brutal collapse in world history, without any comparison...The damage is done. It took place over seven seasons of the Kardashians...

Ignorance is arrogance. I'm fine thanks, fuck everyone else...

According to Black Swan Theory, all variables are uncorrelated. That's how they arrive at these "six sigma" once in a 100 year events that somehow happen every few months. Unfortunately under Globalization, all variables are correlated, hence risk probabilities are FAR higher than those suggested by the over-simplified uncorrelated risk models. For a reason of course, to allow excessive gambling at public expense.

Stupid people being greedy is not a "Black Swan" event...
Therefore, I call this the jigsaw collapse - one by one, pieces of the puzzle coming together indicating an ever-disintegrated foundation. Visible only to those who connect the dots, meaning invisible to anyone believing in Black Swan theory, wherein the dots are never correlated much less connected. Ah yes, now we see...

So we/I've  been "wrong" in describing collapse in broad daylight for seven years straight, because one day everyone else will be wrong forever after that. And they will very quickly forget that they were ever "right"...

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