Monday, May 30, 2016

The Idiocracy Doesn't Believe In Reality

Despite all of the negative headlines, the corporate media mannekins still haven't put one and one together. They view every piece of information in total isolation. Plausible deniability being the opiate of the profoundly stoned masses...

Why? Because they learned nothing after 2008. Sure, at first they were fearful. Then they turned cautious. Next they were skeptical. After that came acceptance. Now they're 100% bought in to this asinine delusion. 

In the interim, they could have saved a bit. Maybe paid down some debt. Become a thinking human being rather than a conformist consumption zombie. 

None of that happened. Therefore no amount of facts and data will convince them of anything. They are blind to risk. 

The seeds of mass panic have already been sown. Reality is not an option.  

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Thursday was the lowest full day volume since August 2014...

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