Thursday, May 5, 2016

0% Intelligence: Sound And Fury Signifying Collapse

They don't see it coming. Because there's always a lower level of interest rates isn't there?

Today's uber-buffoons talking constantly and knowing everything may be clever, but they're not smart. Today's Harvard PhDs inventing new Ponzi Schemes are clever, but they're not smart. Today's CEOs laying off the middle class to make their quarter sure are clever but they're not smart. 

Clever is someone who navigates the status quo better than everyone else. They've figured out how to play the game, but they don't see the big picture. It's a layer of complexity beyond their grasp. Their skill is the opposite - in winnowing down the status quo to the fewest variables possible and then bulldozing the competition. They specialize in not knowing. 

Smart is someone who knows what the fuck is going on and gets the hell out of the way ahead of time. Someone who can look at three or more co-related variables at the same time without their head exploding. Someone who is not seeking instant gratification via the fake and dishonest status quo.  

Smart can't compete with clever under the status quo, but smart knows that clever has no future, whereas clever has no clue what's coming. Being fake is a full time job.

I rest my case. This is going to be beyond spectacular...

Conflating randomness with willful ignorance, by sheer coincidence is Wall Street's business model...

"Let's say it all together, we've been fooled again by random idiots with a conflict of interest..."