Monday, May 16, 2016

Hedge Fund Implosion: Nowhere to Hide

WSJ: May 12, 2016
Hedge Funds See Biggest Outflows Since 2009

"Major hedge-fund clients, including China’s sovereign-wealth fund, aired doubts, positing that 90% of hedge-fund managers probably weren’t skilled enough to navigate the markets."

Carl Icahn's hedge fund:

Bill Ackman's hedge fund

Hedge fund Ponzi Scheme Valeant Pharmaceuticals:

The slump in the industry—highlighted by the largest exodus of investors since the financial crisis—damped interest in the SkyBridge Alternatives Conference, commonly known as SALT, 

“A lot of guys opted out of coming, frankly, because of performance issues.”

"this year hedge funds arrived with unprecedented questions about their worth from their investors, and even some of the managers themselves. That is largely because since the start of the bull-market run in early 2009, a more traditional mix of stocks and bonds bested a broad hedge-fund index in 22 of 28 quarters"