Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Perfect Shit Storm aka. Third Wave Down

Elliott Wave (Greed/fear) versus Centrally planned implosion...

Two emergency Fed meetings in one week. One Monday to get Obama up to speed on whatever is broken. Another one Wednesday to apprise everyone else. 

Biggest Yuan devaluation in 3 months

Deutsche Bank "rumours"

Doha circle jerk to nowhere

Volatility squeeze / short squeeze / mass complacency

Profit implosion. I mean financial engineering implosion.

GDP approaching 0% i.e. -2.5% ex-deficit

JPY Risk off

The Madoff Dynasty reports more fabricated data on Thursday with Ponzi "smoothed" GDP growth. In addition to counting Yuan as FX, and calling capital outflows "imports" from Hong Kong + 116% 

Third wave down at all degrees of trend

Minimal liquidity

All converging on the same weekend.