Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Globalized Supernova: Historic MegaPlosion

To say that today's pseudo-elites have lost control of the Globalized Ponzi scheme is an asinine understatement. Our lives are controlled by mental fucking midgets.

Bullshit is the last asset class. The number one investment.

"China's collapsing, and Globalization failed? Thank you Captain Obvious, but we have 0% and we have stocks so we don't need an economy. What does that thing do anyway?"

Rule #1 of the Idiocracy, NEVER connect the dots. Because plausible deniability is the opiate of the stoned masses...

China crack-up boom
Commodity/Energy glut
Profit collapse
Mass layoffs
Tech Wreck
Zero liquidity/volume
Equity Over-exposure
0% Recovery
-3% U.S. GDP (Ex-Deficit)

Global Stock Implosion:
U.S. versus rest of world

It only took seven years of non-stop lying and economic destruction to get to this juncture...