Thursday, April 7, 2016

Deflation = Poverty aka. "Going Out of Business"

"Then they laid themselves off to make the quarter"

When corporations moved supply to the Third World, they reduced costs by 90%. And they reduced global demand by the same amount. Duh...

"Do you have this in Total Fucktard?"

There are two types of deflation. There's benign productivity-driven deflation as in "Hey look, computers are cheaper this week at Best Buy". And then there's non-benign deflation, as in "Hey look I don't have a job anymore". Disinformers make a point never to distinguish between the two.

Similarly, from a biological standpoint, the ongoing rejuvenation of cells is vital to human health and disease prevention. However, when all cells shut down at the same time, that's called "death"...

Which is what is now happening to the global economy. It's dying. Why? Because when one multinational corporation moves all jobs to the Third World to save 90% on wages, it increases profits. When they all do it, they go out of business, because there's no fucking demand anymore...

Supply-Side "Voodoo Economics"

Firearm background checks

"It was just fiction. I didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to believe it"