Friday, April 8, 2016

The Jedi Mind Trick: In Central Banks We Trust

Shanghai Composite: -42%
Japan Nikkei: -25%
German Dax: - 23%
Emerging Markets: - 27%
S&P 500: -4%

MW: April 8, 2016
There's No Better Investment Than U.S. Stocks

Oil, commodities, EM stocks, carry trades, ghost cities, crack shacks, mega-yachts, Revenueless Biotech, IPOs, Netflix, 3x overvalued dividend stocks...Central banks got them into risk, but can't get them out...

Because the tail is wagging the dog:

BOJ Balance sheet with USD/JPY:

The ECB has unleashed two monetary "bazookas", both of which were front-run by Wall Street...

blue arrows:

Shanghai Composite (red) with GDP growth (black):

U.S. Total Market Index with 0% and Fed Balance sheet...

"There's no better investment than 3x overvalued recession stocks"