Sunday, March 27, 2016

Globalization: Human History's Biggest Lie

"They were monetizing poverty at 0%, when they got monetized. Shit happens..."

With each weaker bounce the lies get bigger and the buffoons get louder. Most people don't want to see it coming...

"0% is fixing the misallocation of capital caused by 1%"

"This is not the end of the recovery, this is the middle"

"Wall Street learned their lesson with the free money bailout"

"We can borrow our way out of a debt crisis"

"Monetary and Fiscal policy can fix a 35-year trade deficit"

"Printing money to buy stocks is the secret to effortless wealth"

"We don't need to normalize interest rates ahead of the next recession"

"The world's second largest economy imploding is not a major risk"

"The employment ratio is going down because everyone is retiring, including 25 year-olds"

"OPEC could raise oil prices if they wanted to"

"The fact that recession stocks are leading this rally does not mean we are in a recession. This time."

Global Trade ($USD) is lower than 2009...