Saturday, March 26, 2016

Occupy The Dumb Money

You can't stop idiots from being idiots. I've tried...

Barron's March 26, 2016
Credit-rating agencies continue to lower ratings
"the average corporate-bond rating hasn’t been this low for nearly 15 years...

"Good news, we found the dumb money..."

March 24, 2016
"Retail Inflows Into Junk Bonds Highest On Record In Past Month"

Barron's article Cont...
"Yet an assortment of Federal Reserve officials reminded investors throughout the week that they fully expect to raise interest rates again soon, making a June hike seem likely if economic data improve. That means bondholders need to worry about interest-rate risk in addition to looming credit risk."

CNBC March 26, 2016
BofA: The Capital Markets Are Shutting Down

IPO Mutual Fund:

"We don't call you the dumb money for nothing, bitchez"