Monday, March 7, 2016

The Idiocracy Understands Self-Interest And Nothing Else.

The Idiocracy begins at self-interest and then works backwards to whatever fantasy narrative best optimizes their personal gratification...

The desperate bullshit is flowing like a river. Politicians know they'll be back to chasing ambulances when this is all over, Wall Street MBAs will be doing taxes at H&R Block, oil analysts bagging groceries. EconoDunces will be "retooling" at Home Depot, wondering how they could be so fucking stupid. All serial PROVEN failed liars. Three time failures just in the past 15 years as we all ride their roller-coaster to oblivion.

Now, today is another OPEC deal, this one saying that OPEC "aims for $50/barrel crude. 

"Oil has bottomed, which is why Energy companies are selling stock at the highest rate in 17 years..."

One week ago:

Only one thing determines the price of oil, and it's not predictions by analysts who are proven wrong on their inventory predictions on a weekly basis by several orders of magnitude...

This is the U.S. daily surplus of crude oil (Supply - demand), thousands of barrels: