Monday, March 7, 2016

100% Pure Idiocracy: Fear Of Missing Out On Collapse

FOMO will either give this market the next leg up, or will send it lower faster than it's ever gone before. Choose carefully...

The Quote of the Day: (iBankCoin Blog):
“Stock markets rejoice in the fleecing of both the Treasury and the American consumer,” he opined. “Henceforth, and providing the starkly puffed and helmeted face of Hillary Clinton remains in the pole position, markets should continue to grind higher, leveling the skeletal remains of short-sellers with such a G force that their remains are reduced into dust.”

The (bullshit) chart of the day
"We’ve had a good run in the past few sessions, but the S&P is still well below its all-time high. Not every part of the broad market is being held back, however"

"We have leadership from the least economically sensitive sector of the stock market. Idiocratic proof that the bull market is alive and well"

Look out below visualized:
The most economically sensitive sector (Semiconductors), with the least sensitive sector Medical Supplies: