Saturday, March 12, 2016

FAUX NEWS: "For Those Who Enjoy Being The Last To Know"

"Then Rupert Murdoch bought up all of the legitimate news media and replaced them with artificial intelligence Bots. It was fake news for fake people. Needless to say, they were shocked and outraged when it all ended suddenly and violently, because no one saw it coming. Collapse was just another 'buying opportunity'"

This latest rally was the rotation from growth stocks to value which occurs immediately prior to the rotation to "cash"...

Dumbfuckistan is the best leading indicator:
Fox News Channel, subsidiary of Fox Entertainment Group. What else?

"For those who enjoy being the very last to know..."TM

Barron's is another of Murdoch's Artificial Intelligence platforms...

“We’ve had nine years of systematic value underperformance..It has been the longest period of growth outperformance in my career...since 1979."

Small Cap Growth/Value Ratio:

Value managers are encouraged that periods of growth outperformance are followed by massive bear markets:

"Value managers are encouraged that prior periods of growth outperformance, including the Nifty Fifty market of 1966-73 and the technology bubble of 1998-99, were followed by strong periods for value investing, including seven straight years of value outperformance from 2000 through 2006..."

"Finally, we're beating the market. We're only down -30% versus -50%"
The large cap growth/value ratio 2000-2006 with S&P:
(Data for red line only goes back to mid-2000)

"Unfortunately there was no such thing as 'value', so it all collapsed like a cheap tent..."

P/E ratio for Consumer staples