Friday, March 4, 2016

Raising The Oil Wrecking Ball To A Higher Altitude

Skynet is squeezing shorts by compressing volatility post jobless report. Of course oil shorts are getting squeezed the most, but it doesn't matter because expiration is looming and the spot market can't be manipulated by Skynet. By day 30 (~16th?), price will be "found", it's only a question of how fast and far the drop. In 2009, the rollover day drop was -20%, compared to -10% now.  

WTI just hit $35.70 real-time
Yesterday's close:

Momentum idiot loop visualized:
S&P gaps above and gaps below...

Speaking of jobs, below is the true unemployment rate that can't be manipulated by con artists peddling fiction:

This is the total number of jobs divided by the U.S. population. We see how many people "retired" in 2008, compliments of the "Big Short" aka. Best Picture nominee...