Sunday, March 27, 2016


"The problem with Christianity, is that it's never been tried..."

I think we all see where I'm going with this...China is collapsing for the same reason oil is collapsing, for the same reason Canada is now in recession, the IPO market is done, and the Apocalypse trade (guns, cigarettes, cereal) is on, 3x overvalued - all a result of the misallocation of 0% poverty capital: Betting that demand would show up, even though it had already been monetized for fun and profit. 

The final collapse of Globalization is as unavoidable as the sun rising in the East. Under Globalization, the market - supply and demand - doesn't clear. Supply is in one locale and demand is in another. The same morons who attempted to monetize poverty at 0%, got monetized. Human history's greediest society wanted to have their cake and eat it too - so they arbitraged the middle class against the Third World, and then they re-invested the profits into over-capacity. They were the greediest AND the dumbest society in history.  

They never once made the connection between the poverty they had generated, the *free* money that resulted, and the output gap they widened. They thought that Central Banks conjured up 0% poverty capital out of thin air, when it was them all along...

They got trapped by their own dumbfuck cycle, by greed and stupidity. History will not be kind: