Thursday, March 31, 2016

Last Stage BEAR Market aka. HALO CRASH

HALO CRASH: A crash originating near all time highs...

Today's dunces actually believe that the bull market is still going, when it's the bear market that is approaching its last stages. Key reversals in the Nasdaq and XLP (consumer staples), will be followed by the Elliot Straight Down Wave...

The collapse I've been predicting non-stop has been taking place non-stop, one country, asset class, sector and stock at a time. I said the crash would occur from all time index highs, so this shouldn't disappoint, but given my blog stats, I expect it will disappoint almost everyone. Apologies to the attention deficit collapse Idiocracy, without which a panic crash couldn't occur.

Last stage BEAR market visualized:
Consumer Staples (Recession stocks) in a parabolic overthrow...

ZH: March 30, 2016
The Acid Queen Herds The Sheeple Into Risk

"Look, it's free money forever!!!"

As the bear market progresses, the more economically sensitive sectors underperform the less economically sensitive sectors, until they all go down together. The volatility regime confirms this is a late stage bear market that started two years ago:

(VIX is S&P 500, VXO is S&P 100 which has more cyclical stocks):

A rolling bear market...
Timeframe in which each sector peaked:

Stocks, Corporate Profits, Interest Rates

Collapse in broad daylight visualized
The average stock with Fed Funds rate: