Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Freedom To Be A Mindless Drone

The charlatans running this clusterfuck will dissolve into liquid shit with the meltdown...plan accordingly, others are...the "Apocalypse ETF" is seeing massive inflows...

You can tell when someone's lying when they invoke "Jesus", "God", or "Freedom". If they invoke all three, you can assume they're as fake and hypocritical as the day is long...anyone who actually believed in those things wouldn't be chanting them like some mindless corporate whore. I met a Christian one time, she never talked she only helped people all the time, that's how I knew she was Christian.  

The term *freedom* is the most bastardized word on the planet. Propagandists use it non-stop, because they all have their own warped definition for what it means. For one example, the only type of debt that can't be discharged in (U.S.) bankruptcy, is student loans. Corporations can borrow untold billions of unsecured debt to buy back ponzi stock and then walk away in the next meltdown, but not students. That's because freedom has devolved into the exact opposite of what it means. Now it means indentured corporate servitude at ever-lower pay.  

And of course *free* trade means the freedom to be "right sized" by RomneyBots, for special dividends. While the good Mormon son et al. pass judgement on the 47% indolent masses they just laid off.  

What is freedom?

Freedom to be exploited?

Freedom to exploit?

Freedom to broadcast lies and delusion?

Freedom to be locked in a cycle of poverty?

Freedom to sell something you didn't build in the first place?

Freedom to sue and be sued?

Freedom to pollute the fuck out of the planet?

Freedom to pollute oneself and have others foot the bill?

Freedom to buy five types of insurance?

Freedom to invade other countries on false pretense, and then camp out for decades?

Freedom to buy elections?

Land mines, napalm, depleted uranium, cluster bombs, drones, "precision guided" munitions, 15 carrier groups?

I don't have the universal definition for freedom. The problem is that no one does. Because if they did, that would be the beginning of accountability. And the old age home abhors accountability. So instead, they just talk non-stop and do nothing. The signature of stagnation.

Change begins with a definition that is arrived at by consensus and not handed down by corrupt charlatans.