Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Last "Rally"

"Great news, no 'Conomy. Buy stocks"

"Global expansion increasingly viewed as in ‘late-cycle’ phase"

"It’s the highest reading for the “late-cycle” view since August 2008"

99% of fund managers are selling this last "rally"
Price / volume:

Overnight Risk
As China found out, when your economy weakens you don't get to keep the hot money...

Dollar / Yen

Filled the last upside gap...Skynet by the makers of Tetris...

Financials just went under the bus due to the interest rate hikes postponed until "never"...

P/E Ratio of Consumer staples stocks:

When this overthrow unwinds expeditiously, the entire market will be in Third Wave down re: 2008 aka. rotation to "cash"

Expect "discontinuous price discovery":

S&P Count:
The top lasted nine months through August, and then two months in the Fall. Basically an entire year. 

This is the right shoulder...