Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dumbfuckistan Has No Safety Net

The Idiocracy will believe ANYTHING, except reality...

Central Banks are tapped out
Stock buybacks are now suspended
Wall Street is selling with both hands
Shorts have covered

Factset March 11, 2016
For Q1, the estimated earnings decline is -8.1%
"...which is below expected earnings growth of 0.3% at the start of the quarter (December 31). Seven sectors are projected to report a year-over-year decline in earnings...Three sectors are predicted to report year-over-year earnings growth..."

The Idiocracy's final policy operation is self-delusion and bullshit 24x7...

The psychopaths are ALL IN. Today the last Central Bank will inform dopium whores that there is nothing left in the needle. For seven years straight, global Central banks squandered their resources propping up the insolvent status quo. They bought insolvent assets with public money believing that doing so would make them solvent. They paid trillions for worthless rocks, assuming that makes them worth trillions.

"I hope you don't mind, we're tapped out"
"That's ok, we'll just fake it until you get some more. That's all we do anyway"

March 11, 2016
The Fed Created 93% of Post-2008 Gains

Meanwhile the corporate sociopaths at the top *right sized* everyone else to collect the excess profit. They assumed it could never happen to them. Then they hid behind their buyback schemes, self-cannibalizing their own companies. Assuming they were invincible.

Well, they're not. And payback is going to be a bitch. Apparently they don't see it coming which will make their own *right sizing* even more spectacular. 

There's no safety net for this clusterfuck. There's no Plan B. They went ALL IN this time. Wall Street's "Plunge Protection Team" is an infantile fantasy. There was no PPT in 2008, and there will be even less of one this time. This entire era was an infantile experiment in greed and gluttony taken to their logical limits. Everyone for themselves, the "Fuck you Jack, I'm Ok" Lord of the Flies model. Now imploding under the weight of it's own depravity and amorality.

There is nothing under this market except hope, delusion, and non-stop bullshit, all told by the people who will be the last to see it coming.

Speaking of being the last to see it coming... 

"Right-size me, please"
24% Bearish (down by half since January):
Buy high, sell low visualized: