Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Reality Doesn't Lie. Only People Lie. All Signs Point To Down.

"Reality is not an option" for the Idiocracy...

The Lie Du Jour: "The Silver Tsunami is keeping wages down"
MW: March 8th, 2016
Higher Paid Workers Retiring Is What's Holding Down Wage Growth

Sure. Leave aside the fact that most people "retiring" are not doing it voluntarily...Where to begin...

How about with this factoid:
"By 2020, the workforce is expected to have a median age of 42.8, which will be an increase from 39.3 in 2000 and 41.7 in 2010."

And as this chart shows, it's not older workers (blue line) who are "retiring", it's younger workers (red):
While these lines are different scales, any blind man can see that these lines should not be crossing over...

Regardless of non-stop bullshit, or because of...All signs point to down...

100% Global Risk Asset Correlation
Global risk aversion
Biggest Global short covering rally EVER
Parabolic junk rally
Flight to massively overvalued defensive stocks
Momentum trade implosion
Nasdaq/S&P ratio rollover
Third Wave Down aka. Overlapping failed rallies
Mass delusion/complacency/Non-stop bullshit
Decade overbought
Unmitigated commodity glut
Monthly crude oil slamdown/Contango curve steepening
Central Bank capitulation
Negative interest rates
Wall Street shorting rallies
Perma-bear capitulation
Energy companies raising capital in a bear market
Unprecedented corporate leverage
Collapsing profits
Carry Trade reversal
Fake Recovery, interest rates stuck at .25%
China Imploding in Real-time