Tuesday, March 8, 2016

.25% Recovery @ MAXIMUM THRUST

Bulltards are going bat shit about their "breadth thrust" technical indicator firing. As we learned in October, a breadth thrust in a bear market is a Shanghai Surprise - Mega-dunces throwing their life savings at the casino while pretending to be temporarily wealthy...

Maximum stimulus:
Fed Funds (blue) with Fed balance sheet (red):

.25% Obama recovery visualized
HINT: It's the same as Bush's - 7 years of non-stop bullshit, followed by maximum implosion

"What do you mean printing money isn't the secret to effortless wealth?"

Maximum breadth thrust(s) visualized:
Emerging Markets with NYSE Momentum (red) upper pane.
Blue vertical lines show the last two Zweig Breadth thrusts...

Shanghai Surprise:

"I'm rich!!!"

This is the Idiocracy and the stock market
Wall Street is the guy holding the camera...
"Oh my god, dude..."