Monday, March 21, 2016

Beyond Billunaires: A Better Future

The rat race to nowhere is ending up nowhere, as the rats collapse at the finish line...

Once people get over their initial anger and angst, and embrace the fact that "less" is more, the future will be a lot better for human beings. I can't speak for zombies...

Many of today's profit cartels that are bankrupting the middle class, will no longer exist...

The insurance cartel will be largely wiped out. No one needs insurance if they have nothing to lose.

The higher education cartel will be decimated. People will go back to reading books, conversing with one another, and otherwise learning real skills instead of theoretical bullshit.

The pharmaceutical cartel will implode. Without platinum-plated employer health insurance, most drugs will be unaffordable. People will be forced to eat real food, be active, and meditate. 

Junk food will be seen to be the liability that it is - a "hidden" cost that is bankrupting the country via high medical bills and latent psychosis.

The legal cartel will go out of business. No one will be suing each other if there's nothing to gain.

Most corporations will be insolvent having bankrupted their end market. Small business will fill the void. Trade agreements will ensure balanced trade as a primary condition.

Otherwise, people will grow food, make wine, grow pot and trade everything they need/don't need on Craigslist.

The days of empire will be over. And the apologists for the status quo will be long gone.

The more anyone resists the inevitable, the less likely they will survive.