Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Central Bank "God" Complex

This is an IQ test for the Idiocracy. Hint: They failed...

If there was a pile of rocks, and Central Banks paid a trillion dollars for one of them, how much would the rest be worth? How much would the one they bought be worth?

According to today's Idiocracy, they're all immediately worth a trillion dollars and therefore that's what the next dunce will pay for them. 

Unfortunately, that's the wrong answer, and idiots far and wide are going to find out the hard way. Printing money is not the secret to effortless wealth. Stocks don't gain value just because someone pays too much for them. 

No government has bought more stocks than China
How's that working?

Stocks with Fed balance sheet and interest rates aka. "the economy"

When profits go down, stocks go down...kind of like this:
S&P profits