Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It's the Daily "Meltdown Isn't Happening" Report

Whatever you read here isn't really happening...

Volume is 2x 90 day average.

Third wave action visualized. Today's gap up open got sold at the fastest rate in 3 years (black line):

ZH: Feb. 3, 2016:
"JPM reiterates: Sell every rally"

Big Cap tech is leading the way down...selling is heavy but not urgent (TRIN < 1)

Nasdaq/S&P ratio:

Remember this?
The Centrally planned short covering rally got sold...
JPY with S&P:

More flight to defensive stocks:
KMB:S&P ratio

Oil is the only sign of strength as the USO has a vertical oversold bounce on the :15 minute...

"This is not happening"