Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"No Blind Man With His Head Up His Ass Could See It Coming"

The "Black Swan Event" was invented by Wall Street GreedBots so they could gamble with maximum leverage and then demand free bailouts from a stunned Idiocracy when all it implodes...

"Because no one can predict collapse in broad daylight"

ZH: Feb. 16,  2016
2008 Bailout Stooge: Kashkari - We Won't See Next Crisis Coming"

ZH: Feb. 16, 2016
Trader's Warning: No One Knows Where This Will Lead

Barron's: Feb. 13, 2016
Financial Markets Are Signaling Recession, But What Do They Know? We're Heading For Full Unemployment

Capacity Utilization knows:

20 Year forward inflation knows

Long-term Treasuries know:
Thirty year Treasury yields

The Treasury yield curve knows:

Profits know

The CPI knows

Carry trades know

Banks know

Inventories know:

IPOs know

Real Estate (REITS) know

Defensive stocks know

Consumer Sentiment knows

The average stock knows...

Gamblers with their heads up their asses, are pretending not to know...because plausible deniability aka. no-one-saw-it "Black Swan" events, are what make end-of-year bonus possible.

Sitting in cash, not so much...

"Those who don't believe in my fake recovery, are peddling fiction"