Monday, February 15, 2016

"Last Chance To Dump Stocks"

Each rally is shorter and getting sold harder...the January rally is the blue horizontal arrows...
Price over volume:

JP Morgan is reminding its clients to sell at higher prices...
"Use rebound to get rid of stocks, J.P. Morgan says"

Because...the small investor is ALWAYS wrong" [Except during Lehman]
“Some tactical indicators [aka. sentiment] are again signaling that equities are getting oversold in the short term, which could argue for a near-term [dumping opportunity] bounce...bigger than January"

The last time they put out this exact same note was late January, the chart below shows what other words not everyone waited until the rally was over to sell... As we see from the long blue lines, each rally is shorter and steeper. Anyone betting on a "bottom" is betting that this trend is about to change. The small blue arrow marks the January rally which incidentally was from the same level (intra-day) as this latest "rally". The circle is price/volume for January.

This is text book third wave action...

Price / volume:

Buying a dip here would be the last mistake Wall Street makes...
% of stocks above 200 dma

The Nasdaq is the weakest index w/New lows:
30 dma:

A bet on stocks is a bet on oil...
S&P with oil:

And a bet on JPY
I drew in the last squiggle...