Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Atlas Shrugged. Indeed.

Globalization is a writeoff. Human history's biggest exploitation scheme without any comparison. A sad footnote. Today's leaders across the board are writeoffs as well. To say that history will not be kind, is an asinine understatement. Future generations will wonder what the fuck happened. Archaeologists will debate, what created the Globalized Idiocracy? Circus clowns running amok in all forms of leadership pretending to know the impossible. 

According to pulp fiction, the world stopped turning when the "Great Men" all disappeared at the same time. Because we couldn't live without their 500x CEO pay, their industrial arbitrage masquerading as a business, their money printing to create fake wealth, and their media companies lying to us constantly. I feel lost already. What would we all do if we had job security? It would be a real crisis. 

No, fortunately, when all of today's "Great Men" dry up and blow away like the psychopath robber barons of the Great Depression, that's when the real economy can begin again. Real great men don't exploit other human beings as a line of business. Unfortunately, there are no great men. There are only aging tools lying to themselves constantly.  

Under Globalization, the hardest working people get paid the least, because people work for capital, rather than capital working for people. However, we need not expect any of today's psychopaths to understand any of this, because what we need is for them to keep lying to themselves until this is all over. 

The only way this would end is if the Bernie Madoffs running this Ponzi Scheme were the last to know. At which point, if I were them, I would disappear too. They clearly don't see it already ending, because if they had an IQ greater than 5, they would already be gone.