Friday, January 15, 2016


The bullshit will all end on one day...

The S&P is sitting at its 18 month Maginot Line (blue horizontal line)

Weekly realized volatility (4 week std deviation) is trending (black)

And UVXY (Double Volatility ETF) volume (green) is at all time highs 

This is NOT 2011
Brent crude at $29 with oil volatility:
"What, me worry?"

"I see no bear market"
Russell 2000 small cap

This is NOT 2011:
Global Macro:
New lows for Canadian $, Commodities, EM Currencies, EM debt...

This is NOT 2011
U.S. credit spreads (Treasury:High Yield)

This is NOT 2011
EM stocks:

"Never mind"
U.S. interest rates with U.S. deflation:

Global Dow

Chinese stocks with GDP:

Caution: Approaching Terminal Idiocracy