Friday, January 15, 2016

Flash Crash 2.0: Jumping The Maginot Line

Global meltdown as buying opportunity

2008 or 2011?

Unfortunately, as far as global GDP, carry trades, Treasury yields, corporate profits, sector bifurcation, junk bonds, commodities, currencies, and Emerging Market stocks, it's not 2011...

Careful what you wish for
Europe and Asia can sell the U.S. twice between now and Tuesday morning...

What a coincidence
Skynet traded massive volume just to hold the S&P (daily) Maginot Line on options expiration day. This is what's known as pinning the 1880 strike to ensure that the largest number of options expired worthless...

1,000 new lows on the NYSE TODAY
5 day moving average:

Wilshire total market index with Implied options volatility (S&P 100)