Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nowhere To Hide In The House of Cards

The major averages are breaking down, because relentless sector rotation is no longer working. All sectors have rolled over now.

There's nowhere left to hide...

A 135 year-old railroad stock has now been cut in half from its highs...

The second to last refuge of Energy traders - offshore tanker stocks where all the crude is stored. Cut in half in two months...

Refiners: Primary beneficiary of low oil prices, and last refuge of Energy traders

Amazon: Wall Street's favourite momentum stock
-18% in two weeks

Goldman Sachs aka. "Wall Street"
-30% from the highs

Intel warned late this week that China is imploding faster than anyone expects...

The most over-owned stock in human history

Biotech: Top performing sector from 2009 until 2015...
-25% from the highs

-10% in two weeks

General Dynamics
aka. "Keynesian bombing of foreigners"
-16% from the top...

Consumer staples? I don't think so...

Beer? Not anymore

Retail is imploding

"Where did the dumb money go?"
Broker stocks got shellacked this week, deja vu of 2008...

Private Equity is getting monkey hammered
Carlyle Group

The IPO market has been obliterated
SillyCon Valley is now FuckedCompany